The Community Alternatives Program for Children (CAP/C)


The CAP/C Program provides medically necessary services,


including case management and in-home care for children


who may otherwise require long term hospitalization or care in


a nursing facility. 




The Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA)


The CAPDA Program is a program that allows elderly


and disabled adults ages 18 and up to receive support


services in their own home, as an alternative to


nursing home placement. By providing in homecare,


case management, and other supports, CAP/DA can


help these individuals stay at home.


  • CAP/Choice – The CAP Choice Program allows older and disabled adults the opportunity to direct and have increased control over the services and supports that are arranged to meet their needs.
  • Money Follows the Person – State Demonstration Project that assists people living in an in-patient facility move into their own communities with support. Patient must be in an institution for at least three months, currently staying in the institution, and meet CAP/DA criteria to be considered for this program.